Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moving into a new realm...

I attempted to take what I learned over the past few years of self-reflection in regards to relationships and actually date someone.  The past couple of months I dated one man, and although it has just ended, I sit here now all the better for stepping out into the unknown and allowing myself to get to know someone else outside of my circle.

The lessons I learned from this experience have been good.  I know more about myself and have more insight into the man that will one day receive my love...I have not lost hope that there is mate for me.  As I have been attempting to get things back in perspective today, I have a new revelation...I am okay to not be in a relationship with a man.  I have many things yet to accomplish within journey of self-discovery has not ended, only just begun.  My creator will present the opportunity and awareness.  Until that time comes, I will give thanks for all that I am and for all the blessings I have been given to walk this earth and live in peace.