Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moving into a new realm...

I attempted to take what I learned over the past few years of self-reflection in regards to relationships and actually date someone.  The past couple of months I dated one man, and although it has just ended, I sit here now all the better for stepping out into the unknown and allowing myself to get to know someone else outside of my circle.

The lessons I learned from this experience have been good.  I know more about myself and have more insight into the man that will one day receive my love...I have not lost hope that there is mate for me.  As I have been attempting to get things back in perspective today, I have a new revelation...I am okay to not be in a relationship with a man.  I have many things yet to accomplish within journey of self-discovery has not ended, only just begun.  My creator will present the opportunity and awareness.  Until that time comes, I will give thanks for all that I am and for all the blessings I have been given to walk this earth and live in peace.

Friday, June 24, 2011

2011 this really what its about?

Perusing the singles ads online...I got to wondering what the heck these guys are thinking by naming themselves these names.  For the love of...please...if you are seriously trying to attract someone to look at your NOT use the following:

1hairyone ... yikes...don't think so..i have seen enough of those
gentle-honestman ...really?  your picture looks like the dtk guy
greatwhitehunt ... great white what? what you all are after..guess you are upfront about it but geez.

singledog...not too attractive to reference a canine..what the heck is a milkdog anyway?

mrlittlefun ... not to excited about anything...little or little fun.
udawoman ... i am thank you...keep walking
ineedalady ...i think you might need more than that!
wounded4 ...hmm...guess a good codependent would love this one
tilltheend4 ...already had my fill of stalker types...thanks.

 I guess my "handle" might not be too appropriate either...snglmomlooking4newdad
hahaha...just kidding!!  Or about princswarriorlookingforhero ...maybe that one would work. I am not sure the type of guy I want is possibly going to be found on the internet...I don't have high expectations really...or do I ?  Well...maybe.  I know there are some good guys out there...just not available ones that I know of.  So...I will keep moving forward and trust that my future mate is doing the same.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

European Dream

Today my oldest child left for Europe for three weeks.  I am so happy and grateful for her to have the opportunity to travel there and experience the world.  My daughter is an amazing spirit...I love her more than myself.  Her group will be traveling from KC to Chicago to London England....Paris France and final stop, Adelboden Switzerland.  You can follow the trip at her GS leaders page .

As I sit here this morning...reflecting on all that it took to get to this place today...I cannot help but to feel so much gratitude and joy.  All the struggles, fights and tears...the ability to let go and allow my daughter to become her own realize that as a parent I will always make mistakes.  I try to always express with words how much I love my children but with my actions as well. 

As I gave my daughter a hug and kiss I prayed a small prayer for her protection...knowing that all will be as it should no matter how I feel about it.  I turned and walked away...not looking back...letting the little girl go...knowing she will come home a traveled young woman.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Giving this a whirl...

I have tried blogging before...decided at one point that it was my "thing"...then had the thought that maybe no one else really I quit.  Several years later, here I am...starting another blog after reading one of my friends blog.  I really appreciate reading her blogs and I know from experience, writing them was very therapeutic for me as well.  Any benefit to another person that reads my blog is merely a bonus on top of the iced cake...right?! I go...I will commit to this at least once a week.  We will see where my mind wanders.  =)