Thursday, March 8, 2012

BIGGEST LOOSER? - 6 lbs gone!

The home scale does not lie ~ I hope....I am down SIX (6) pounds in week one of exercise / diet...this gives me encouragement.  Wonder if I can go to my Dr. office and just ask to use their is one of those digital fancy ones.  I will have to check on that tomorrow.  I refuse to weigh myself daily...and to be honest, it was a thought this evening out of boredom....searching for something - anything - to do BESIDES what I really *need* to be, homework, laundry, dishes, general housework....ya, so let's go weigh-in.  LOL

This week has been mental commitment to this completely sucks.  It did not help that my son made a chocolate birthday cake for his dad and there was some left here that spoke to just had to be consumed...on two different occasions...ugh...I am weak!  Although, I should probably hi-five myself as I have managed to make it an entire week without any kind of fastfood.  Baby steps!  lol.

I have a 1500 cal daily diet goal....I have blown it every day - it was the chocolate cake....oh...and some orange I have managed to stay below 2000cal per that IS a success.  Anyway...6 lbs gone....I am good with that for tonight.  :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I made a decision as of March 1st ~ no more of "this" April. I am so tired of feeling bad....out of breath, out of shape and overweight.  I have really packed on the pounds and got so unhealthy.  I have always "weighed" of my nick names affectionately called to me by some family was "lead butt".  I have always heard, "you don't look that heavy" ~ which I guess is a good thing...but I have always FELT heavy.  I currently weigh more now that I did being 9 months pregnant with either one of my children ~ are you kidding me?! (no...I am not!)

Last week, I weighed 196lbs at the Doctors office.  Due to the "lead butt" syndrome, I have never really kept track of my weight by actually getting on a scale  but rather went by how my clothes fit.  I can tell you they are all fitting tight now...actually, I did break down and buy a few larger sizes - for comfort.  So, I never thought that I would have such a problem with my weight and how hard it is to get motivated.  My knees hurt, my back aches, my shins ache, and i get winded and light-headed fairly easy...I am in a sad, sad state of unhealthiness.  NO MORE!  I am moving beyond this.

I am just about mortified at the state of my physical condition.  Where did the uber competitive, soccer kicking ~ basketball pounding ~ volleyball spiking chick go?! How easy it has been since starting back to college to just "sit".  Life happened and I got caught up in the Arbys fast lane...along with McDs....Subway...Pizza Hut....Wheat State....Jimmy Johns....Braums....dang the fast food!!  It is like I have been in a coma.  It was only 5 years ago ~ wow it has been 5 years....that I was in pretty damn good condition - physically.  I had quit smoking and was walk/jog 6 miles a day.  Mentally was an entirely different story - HA!  I guess the milestones add up and can slip away if I am not mindful.

Two of my major milestones still worth celebrating:  March 16th will mark 13 years of alcohol/drug free life. & July 30th will be 5 years of cigarette smoke-free living.  NOW....I am going to get with the fitness and nutrition program.  I am going to lose this spare tire and get in better physical condition.  I will be tracking my progress and using the *free* website for this journey ~ wanna join me?  :)   I need an accountability partner.