Thursday, June 23, 2011

European Dream

Today my oldest child left for Europe for three weeks.  I am so happy and grateful for her to have the opportunity to travel there and experience the world.  My daughter is an amazing spirit...I love her more than myself.  Her group will be traveling from KC to Chicago to London England....Paris France and final stop, Adelboden Switzerland.  You can follow the trip at her GS leaders page .

As I sit here this morning...reflecting on all that it took to get to this place today...I cannot help but to feel so much gratitude and joy.  All the struggles, fights and tears...the ability to let go and allow my daughter to become her own realize that as a parent I will always make mistakes.  I try to always express with words how much I love my children but with my actions as well. 

As I gave my daughter a hug and kiss I prayed a small prayer for her protection...knowing that all will be as it should no matter how I feel about it.  I turned and walked away...not looking back...letting the little girl go...knowing she will come home a traveled young woman.

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