Thursday, March 8, 2012

BIGGEST LOOSER? - 6 lbs gone!

The home scale does not lie ~ I hope....I am down SIX (6) pounds in week one of exercise / diet...this gives me encouragement.  Wonder if I can go to my Dr. office and just ask to use their is one of those digital fancy ones.  I will have to check on that tomorrow.  I refuse to weigh myself daily...and to be honest, it was a thought this evening out of boredom....searching for something - anything - to do BESIDES what I really *need* to be, homework, laundry, dishes, general housework....ya, so let's go weigh-in.  LOL

This week has been mental commitment to this completely sucks.  It did not help that my son made a chocolate birthday cake for his dad and there was some left here that spoke to just had to be consumed...on two different occasions...ugh...I am weak!  Although, I should probably hi-five myself as I have managed to make it an entire week without any kind of fastfood.  Baby steps!  lol.

I have a 1500 cal daily diet goal....I have blown it every day - it was the chocolate cake....oh...and some orange I have managed to stay below 2000cal per that IS a success.  Anyway...6 lbs gone....I am good with that for tonight.  :)

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