Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sitting in Trees...a memoir of just listening.

I often think back to the days when I felt most spiritually connected to the universe.  It was the days I would seek solace in my tree.

Days of seeking peace and solutions to the craziness of my thoughts...hours trying to quiet the demonic voice calling for my demise...minutes at war with myself.  I have spent years searching for my place of "belonging" in this life...a place of feeling wanted...a place of serenity for my soul.  I struggle.  I forget that I am not alone in my quest.  My self-centered thinking leads me down a path of destruction and chaos; self-pity and fear.  To break free from the destructive thoughts I have to take action against them.

A facebook friend (spirit brother) posted something today that is so beautifully written....thank you so much for sharing your spiritual walk.  My reminder for today:
Encouraging everyone to Sit with a tree today , and connection with Air! Feel the Tree fill your lungs and Heart with Air, let the tree grow roots deep in your Soul. Then in return gift the Tree your Breathe. Life is like this, one cant be without the Other... ~ Matthew Rutledge

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